MAI was created as a result of two individuals trying to do interesting international trade and investment work that truly mattered.

Diane Alleva Cáceres, based in Atlanta, Georgia and Bruce MacLellan, in Halifax, Nova Scotia were introduced to each other in 2000 by the State of Georgia’s trade representative in Toronto, Ontario. Bruce was looking for a partner to bid on a request for proposal to design and implement a Team Canada Atlantic trade mission to Georgia, led by then Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien. The state representative recommended Bruce contact Diane who had established Market Access International, Inc. in Atlanta a few years earlier. The two quickly found common ground, bid on and won the project and many, many more, marking the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship that continues today. Bruce subsequently rebranded his own firm as Market Access International Canada, Inc.

Together, both companies are known as “MAI” and have expanded to include three other MAI Principals, Doug Wood, Crystal Porter and Sheillach McDougall as well as many global partners.

About MAI

Our team provides specialized international trade, investment and enterprise development services to corporate and government clients seeking global markets for their products and services. Specifically, MAI assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), departments of select Fortune 500 firms, government agencies at all levels and international financial institutions design and implement economic growth strategies where core drivers are international trade and investment.

At the SME level, MAI works side-by-side with its clients to ensure measured and successful sales growth. It achieves this through a range of services from market research and entry strategies to qualification, introduction and negotiation with potential partners and customers to finance mobilization and operational start-up assistance. Some clients require our full range of services while others select those addressing their specific growth challenges. Our company has an established reputation for customized, highly effective, hands-on approaches resulting in increased market share and profitability for our clients.

MAI collaborates with its government clients to inform and implement trade, investment and enterprise development policies. Our expertise ranges from cluster development and competitiveness strategies, to export promotion and Foreign Direct Investment attraction to alliance building and firm-level business development assistance.

Founded in 1997, MAI, Inc. is a woman-owned consulting practice headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with partners in Halifax, Nova Scotia (MAI Canada, Inc.) and strategic alliances in 33 countries. The company’s principals and associates offer an average of 20 years of international trade, investment and enterprise growth experience in complementary areas. MAI’s principal consultants are fluent in English, French, Italian, Slovak, Russian and Spanish while our worldwide, in-country strategic partners offer fluency in native languages.


MAI firmly believes in partnering with complementary organizations to achieve the highest level of success for its clients. In addition, MAI’s capabilities are expanded through its established network of strategic partners located in 33 countries worldwide. This network was originally developed through MAI’s role since 1997 as U.S. National Counselor for two European Commission-sponsored business development programs, Euro-partner (Europartenariat) and Interprise. The company continues to secure representatives in key global markets.

Should you wish to become an MAI strategic partner, subcontractor or for short and long-term consulting opportunities, please email your company profile or individual resume to diane@marketaccessintl.com.


Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eastern Caribbean, Egypt, European Union Member States, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Tunisia.


MAI has collaborated with clients representing mining, medical technologies, information communications technology, digital media, light manufacturing, agribusiness (seafood, specialty food, beverage), tourism, aerospace, packaging, metalworking, technical textile, simulation, environmental, building & construction (cleantech), energy, marine technologies, logistics, franchise, and training industries.

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Diane Alleva Cáceres, PhD


Diane is Founder and Managing Director of Market Access International, Inc. (MAI, Inc.). She oversees the company’s growth, management and provides technical assistance in international trade, investment and enterprise development.

Crystal Porter, MBA


Crystal is an MAI Principal. She is a bilingual professional assisting international companies and government agencies with their approach to the US market through export readiness analysis, in-market matchmaking and market research studies.

Douglas L. Wood, MPA


Doug is a Principal at MAI. With over 20 years of experience in the many facets of small and medium sized-enterprise economic development, Doug has been a consultant to national and international governments in developing sector strategies.




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